Here is a selection of studies you can download. All are in Adobe PDF format. You will need the free Adobe PDF Reader.

The Trinity

Is God a mysterious unity of three co-equal and co-eternal Persons as most Christians believe? A series of studies on the doctrine of the Trinity.

Three Days and Three Nights

Was Jesus crucified on Friday or Wednesday? Does the Bible clearly reveal which day of the week Jesus was crucified on?

The Truth About the Lunar Sabbath

An examination of the Lunar Sabbath. Is it the true Sabbath of the Bible, the Sabbath of the fourth commandment?

The 2300 Days & 70 Weeks Prophecies of Daniel

An exploration of the two major time prophecies given in the book of Daniel - the 2,300 days and the 70 weeks. These prophecies are vitally important for us today to understand, who are living in the last days of human history.


Who is the mysterious character known in the Bible as Michael?

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

The Bible claims to be a book that is divinely inspired. Do archeology, history and science provide the evidence for this claim?

The Origin of Evil

If God is good then why is there so much evil, pain and suffering in the world? Why does God allow it?

Deception Unmasked

Are you ready for the greatest deception in history? There is a hidden agenda! A new world order is in the making, bringing in the national sunday law.

Can We Know The Future?

Does an ancient king's dream reveal the future of our world?

The Bible: Fact or Fiction?

Is the Bible just a collection of myths and legends, or is it the inspired word of God?

How Evolution Flunked The Science Test

This book puts the stale traditions of evolution on the defensive by exposing loopholes in the evolutionary theory.


Learn how earth's final battle will bring victory to spiritual Israel and the mysterious kings of the east as revealed in the mysterious pages of the book of Revelation.

Anything But Secret

Examining the rapture and the great tribulation.

Absent From The Body

Do we go directly to heaven or hell when we die? What the Bible says about being absent from the body.

Spirits of the Dead

Are ghosts real? Do the dead come back to speak us from beyond the grave?

Calendars and Weeks

Have our calendars been changed so that we can't tell which day is which? Has the weekly cycle been confused?

Wonders of God's Created Universe

In the Bible God has told us how the vast universe He created works, how it was made. Today science confirms what the Bible has already declared thousands of years ago.

When History Repeats Itself

To know the future we need to know our past.


WHY do bad things happen? WHY isn't this world a better place? If God is a God of love then why does He allow suffering?

The Ten Commandments Before Sinai

Are the Ten Commandments still valid? When were they given? Many say at mount Sinai, but does the Bible agree?

The Sabbath

God commanded us to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. But which is the true Sabbath day? The answer may surprise you.

The Rich Man and Lazarus

An examination of the parable that Jesus told about the rich man and Lazarus. Does this parable really teach that good people go to heaven when they die and that wicked people go to hell?