Daniel and Revelation Unlocked

Stangely Warmed
1. Strangely Warmed

In the introduction to this series, Francois DuPlessis discusses his excitement when discovering archaeological features that confirm the truth of the Bible. See DuPlessis explore and explain different sites during his world travels. Can we find warmth and comfort in the proof of Bible?

Introduction to the Book of Daniel
2. Introduction to the Book of Daniel

In the introduction to the book of Daniel, we are looking at two kings - one of Babylon and one of Jerusalem. What does the prophet want us to grasp by using these terms? Come and listen to the deeper meaning of salvation found in these expressions.

Babylon Conquers Jerusalem
3. Babylon Conquers Jerusalem

Who was responsible for the death of the pious king Josiah? Why did Pharaoh Necho depose Jehoahaz and make his bother Jehoiakim king of Jerusalem? Visit the battlefield of Carchemish where the king of the north, Nabopolasser, and the king of the south, Pharaoh Necho, fought. Victories were alternating. This historic battle between the two kings sheds light on Daniel 11.

Four Hebrews in Babylon
4. Four Hebrews in Babylon

This lecture recounts Danielís journey to Babylon. Was he a eunuch? How did he and his three friends change their Babylonian names? What is Babylonian brain washing?

Do not Defile Yourself
5. Do not Defile Yourself

Was Daniel a vegetarian before coming to Babylon? Is he a type of the end-time Daniels? Is it important to study the laws of health? What is the difference between the food of Babylon and the food of the Bible?

The King has a Dream
6. The King has a Dream

Before studying Daniel 2, we look at the archaeological evidence for the existence of Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king at the time. Francois and Lauretta did extensive research in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel on this great monarch. Come and marvel at some of their findings.

Daniel Reveals the King's Dream
7. Daniel Reveals the King's Dream

How did the Babylonians interpret the symbols in Daniel 2? Once you have seen this lecture, you will appreciate the story of the metal man a little better. Archaeology has made the study of Daniel 2 an absolute delight.

Feet of Iron and Clay
8. Feet of Iron and Clay

After identifying the different metals described in the image in Chapter 2, Daniel spends considerable time discussing the feet of iron and clay. What could be the meaning of the clay? Discover also the Biblical interpretation of the rock--how the majority of verses speak about the coming Rock and Christís future kingdom.

An Image of Gold
9. An Image of Gold

Why did Nebuchadnezzar erect the huge golden image of himself in Chapter 3? What meaning did the Babylonians attach the height of the image Ė 60 cubits? Can archaeology confirm the erection of the image? You will enjoy the journey to Lebanon and Wadi Brisa where we will read about the kingís own acknowledgment of the image.

In the Fiery Furnace
10. In the Fiery Furnace

This lecture deals with the fiery furnace that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were subjected to because they refused to worship Nebuchadnezzarís golden image. Only after a careful study of this event can one appreciate the description of the image of the beast as mentioned in Revelation 13. Donít miss out on this important information.

God's Dream for a Heathen King
11. God's Dream for a Heathen King

Francois and Lauretta present the autobiography of Nebuchadnezzar, including the discoveries concerning his mental illness. You will be thrilled to hear what happened the day he looked up to heaven. The story of Christ features prominently in the lecture.

The Writing on the Wall
12. The Writing on the Wall

Francois and Lauretta walked in the footsteps of Cyrus in Iran. Come and listen to the fulfillment of a 200-year-old prophecy concerning his name and his liberation of the Jewish captives. Learn more about Belshazzar and his father Nabonidus and their worship of Sin, the moon god.

Cyrus Conquers Babylon
13. Cyrus Conquers Babylon

What kind of feast did Belshazzar hold on October 12, 538 BC when Babylon fell? What caused the last two Babylonian kings to change their worship of Shamash, the sun god, to Sin, the moon god of the Sumerians?

Daniel in the Lion's Den
14. Daniel in the Lion's Den

In this lecture, you will learn about much more than Daniel in the lionís den. You will see the relationship between chapter 6 and 3 and gain a better understanding of Revelation 13.

Daniel's Dream - Four Beasts - Part 1
15. Daniel's Dream - Four Beasts - Part 1

Listen to how the the book of Daniel is laid out. The structure of this prophetic book will help you understand its message a little better. See how chapters 2 and 7 fit together and listen to the Biblical and archaeological explanation of the first beast that came out of the sea.

Daniel's Dream - Four Beasts - Part 2
16. Daniel's Dream - Four Beasts - Part 2

The latest archaeological evidence sheds more light on the identification of the second and third beasts coming out of the sea. In this lecture, we will travel across the Middle East to Syria and other places. Amongst the beasts of prey, you will also find Christ in Daniel 7.

The Little Horn Appears
17. The Little Horn Appears

Is the judgment good news or bad news? Let Daniel tell you about the Son of Man coming to this solemn court case. He has never yet lost a case where a confessing sinner came to Him for pardon.

Identifying the Little Horn
18. Identifying the Little Horn

It is either Christ or the antichrist. Some good news and some shocking news will be presented to you in this lecture. Donít miss out on the very serious and important identification of the little horn in Daniel 7.

The Little Horn Exalts Himself
19. The Little Horn Exalts Himself

The study of Christ our High Priest is a fascinating one. In learning the Sumerian language, Francois came across something that sheds light on the words: cleansing of the sanctuary. Donít miss out on this exciting lecture and learn a few Sumerian words in the process.

Heavenly Ministry
20. Heavenly Ministry

Chapter 9 is the most Christ-centered chapter in all of Daniel, with the exact date of His baptism and death on the cross mentioned. What an amazing fulfillment of Bible prophecy! Come and boost your faith in the salvation story.

Gabriel Explains the Vision
21. Gabriel Explains the Vision

Daniel received a marvelous revelation of Christ. It came to him on a Sabbath after three weeks of fasting. In addition to discussing Danielís vision of a man, we will also visit Patmos where John had a similar end-time vision on a Sabbath.

Angels Aid our Prayers
22. Angels Aid our Prayers

Why did Daniel have to wait three weeks before his prayer was answered? Listen to the way Gabriel and Michael answered Danielís serious prayer for his people. Gain new insights into the way God treats our prayers.

A Peek Behind the Curtain
23. A Peek Behind the Curtain

Why does Michael only appear when Satan is involved? Why is Michael only mentioned in the three apocalyptic books: Daniel, Judah, and Revelation? What exactly happened to Daniel when he received his visions?

Prophecy Continues to Unfold
24. Prophecy Continues to Unfold

The first three verses of chapter 11 refer to the last four Persian kings. Verse 4 refers to Greece. Who are the king of the north and the king of the south? Come and see how chapter 11 builds on the contents of chapter 8. Fascinating!

King of the North, King of the South
25. King of the North, King of the South

What is the relationship between the clay in Daniel 2, the little horn in Daniel 7, and the king of the north? Donít miss out on this interesting study that links all these pieces together.

A War Between Two Kingdoms
26. A War Between Two Kingdoms

Learn about the fascinating relationship between the abomination of desolation and the king of the north. You will enjoy the short visit to the Waldensian valleys and listen to its remarkable story. Eventually, the king of the north and the king of the south will take hands to destroy a common enemy. Who is it?

Jesus' Triumph at the End of Time
27. Jesus' Triumph at the End of Time

What exactly is meant by the expression time of trouble? We will travel to Jordan and visit the Jabbok River for an explanation. Eventually Michael will stand up (Amad). What does this the Hebrew word ďamadĒ mean? Come and listen to Godís final victory over all His enemies.

Fulfillment of the 2300-Year Prophecy
28. Fulfillment of the 2300-Year Prophecy

Daniel 12 verse 2 speaks of a special resurrection--one for the wicked, the other one for the righteous. When exactly will this event take place and who will compose these two classes?

The Prologue of Daniel
29. The Prologue of Daniel

How are we to understand the meaning of the 1290 and 1335 prophetic days in the last chapter of Daniel? Come and listen to a marvelous pattern of prologues and epilogues in chapters 7 and 8 that give us the answer. Discover the relationship of Christ in Daniel 12 to the mighty angel in Revelation 10. Daniel rests in his tomb in Susan, Iran. He wants to meet you and me during the special resurrection.