Have You Swallowed The Hook?

1. Science is Just about Facts, Religion is Just About Faith

Part one of this series delves into historical data proving the veracity of the Bible. Thomas Bentley discusses how science is actually more faith based than we previously believed. Hear many evolutionists express their defeat as their evidence falls apart in the face of truth.

2. Only Evolution Fits the Data

This video looks at the difference between data and the interpretation of data. It exposes the real reason evolutionists can say only evolution fits the data. Thomas Bentley compares the creation model of origins with that of evolution, using the data we find in the fossils and in everyday life.

3. There is no Evidence for Creation

In this video Thomas Bentley unpacks the worldview of Naturalistic Philosophy and discovers the real reason evolutionists cannot see creation. In contrast, learn about scientific principles and how we can see evidence of creation in our daily lives.

4. You have no Choice

In this video, Thomas Bentley explores the impact of Darwinism on society and culture. Discover the recently reported science of Epigenetics and learn that our choices and decisions really do make a difference.

5. Love is just a Chemical Impulse

In this video Thomas Bentley discusses the moral impact of Darwinism as he looks at the evolutionist and creationist views of love.

6. There are no Miracles

In this video Thomas Bentley moves from evolutionís impact on society and looks at how Darwinism has changed Christianity. In this episode we learn why people say there are no miracles and explore two miracles of Bible prophecy, one from the distant past and one that is being fulfilled today.