Amazing Health - Removing the Mystery Behind Disease

You Don't Have To Be Sick

The human body is very susceptible to diseases of all kinds when it's in an acidic condition. However, in an alkaline state the body is able to defend itself from virtually every disease.This thought-provoking presentation deals with how to bring your body into an alkaline state from an acidic condition, thus increasing your health potential!

Digestion and Colon Care

Learn simple rules to improve digestion, and be amazed as you learn how to enable your body to derive the most benefit from the foods you eat!

Initiating True Speed Healing

Learn how to initiate true speed healing in your body. In this presentation, you will come to understand the importance of this incredible health component and its effects on the body for healing, or how its misuse can suppress the immune system.

The Forgotten Liquid Miracle

Water is the forgotten liquid miracle which every bodily function is dependent upon. Learn how fatigue can be directly related to water intake and even how degenerative diseases can be reversed by its proper use.

Will the Real Carrot Please Stand Up!

In this eye opening video, learn about what modified foods do in the body, and the cover-ups used to keep them on the market.

Please Hold the Extras

Learn how to put into practical use all the things you have been taught in the Removing the Mystery Behind Disease series. Incorporate what you have learned into your daily regime in order to live a longer, healthier life.