Amazing Health - Healthy From The Inside Out

An Incredible Diet

The brilliance and healing potential of the foods given to Adam and Eve in the Garden explode into practical principles that can change the way you eat—and think—forever. See how the human body is perfectly designed for the original diet! Join Drs. Rudy and Jeanie Davis as they unravel the workings of the digestive system and its all-important role in our well being.

How to Avoid Tunnel Eating

Proper eating involves much more than the tongue and stomach. Join Dr. Jeanie Davis as she explains how you can get more nutrients into every cellular structure by purposely activating the body’s absorption system.

The Most Common Barrier to Great Health

The movement of our skeletogenous structure has more to do with brain health, good digestion, and overall well-being than previously understood. Explore the enormous potential for healing and longevity found in the simple act of movement.

Ancient Elixir Rediscovered

You have heard it said, “We need 8 cups of water a day.” Is that statement just health lore, or do we really need to drink that much? Discover the real liquid needs of the human system, learn about the powerful properties of chlorophyll, and see for yourself the incredible healing power of the greatest juicing machine ever made: the human body!

Radiation that you Can't Live Without

Sunlight has been toted as the bad guy, but is it really? In this eye-opening presentation, Dr. Jeanie Davis explores both the healing and hurting properties of sunlight, opening the shutters of ignorance to reveal sunshine as of God’s greatest life-sustaining blessings.

Risk Without Responsibility

In the foods grown and produced today, the potential for damage to the human body is greater than ever before. Learn what is out there, and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from these dangers.

Concerned About your Memory

The organ with the greatest potential for development —the only organ with which we can understand the love of God — is misunderstood, misused, misguided, misfed, and missing most of its usefulness in enabling us to experience joy and happiness to the full. Learn how to protect your brain and unlock its potential at any age.

Great Things Grow in Small Packages

Good news: there is a wonder-world of fresh grown foods awaiting those who do not have the space to grow a garden. Those who cannot afford high-priced supplements can have access to the most nutrient dense foods on the planet for just pennies a meal. Listen, watch, and learn how you can supply all of the latest super-nutrients your body needs with little time, and little expense.

Come Apart And Rest Awhile Or Come Apart

There is much more to rest than just sleep. Our stress levels often go undetected, causing physical as well as mental damage. Learn how important sleep is, the warning signs of hidden stress, and why zebras don’t get ulcers!

Our External Thermometer

Did you know that your skin is only as healthy as your least healthy organ? Join Dr. Rudy Davis in this presentation to learn how to renew your skin to radiance at any age.

Just Because You Are Alive Does Not Mean You Are...

Breathing is the most important but most ignored function of our existence. In this lecture, Dr.Jeanie Davis illustrates how to breathe properly and build a good breathing environment in your own home.

Your Health Is In The Balance

For every mile of road there are two miles of ditch! Watch this informative presentation and learn the key ways to balance your whole life and stay out of that ditch. Avoid the many problems caused by misplaced priorities.

Life In The Fast Lane

You can have a new life in less than 30 days! This exciting and practical program provides the tools you need to kick-start your body and mind in a new direction. This program is possible even for those who live life in the fast lane.