Health Videos

Here is a selection of videos on how to protect your body from disease and live life in the best of health.

Life At Its Best
Amazing Health - Life At Its Best

This 5-part series takes an in-depth look at the impact of our food choices, the role of food additives, the dairy and meat industry, and how to implement a viable healthy lifestyle.

Removing The Mystery Behind Disease
Amazing Health - Removing the Mystery Behind Disease

In this 6-part series, learn practical steps to prevent and even reverse diseases we consider incurable.

Hear the testimonies of how hot flashes have disappeared, diabetes has been reversed, high blood pressure returned to normal, excess weight removed without hunger, fatigue replaced with energy, and even the mystery behind cancer unveiled!

Healthy From The Inside Out
Amazing Health - Healthy From The Inside Out

We have all heard about the advantages of fresh air, water, proper food, and exercise, but have you ever heard how these things affect your brain; or that there is more to water than just water; or have you learned how to have the most powerful, highpotency foods growing right in your own house for only pennies?